4x4 car hire Landcruiser extended for a group safari

4×4 Landcruiser extended for a group safari

4×4 car hire and 4×4 safari rental

4×4 car hire with a driver is the best option for the start of your new discovery in Kenya, 4x4cars means, use four wheels to start, and the cars with 4×4 gear is normally engaged when the 2wheels are not able to move the car from one one one position due to the bad road. This happens mostly when it’s the rainy season and the park roads are highly affected because of animal movements.

Carrental4x4 has the best solution for tourists planning to have a safari in Kenya and other East African countries in a group or couples where they may need a tour guide.Carrental4x4 has different branches in Africa. At every branch, we get involved with the local driver or guides who understand the country from the grassroots.

Carrental4x4 has well-experienced drivers/tour guides in Kenya that can speak different languages but the most common language in Kenya is English and Kiswahili. Hiring a safari car with a driver/guide is the best option for tourists who want to discover more information about the country. it’s also good for tourists who travel in a country without much experience in the country and the driving rules to follow.

Rent safari car Nairobi Kenya

4×4 car hire with a driver is the best option for tourists who want to enjoy a relaxed safari because most of the work is done by the tour guide as you try to take pictures and have a clear view of nature and Giant animals

4×4 car hire for safari is not hectic for the tourist, carrental4x4 will book for you the hotels within the parks you plan to visit depending on the itinerary you have
Fuel for the car during the safari can be arranged depending on the arrangement between the tour operator(carrental4x4) and the client. But we always advise the clients to pay for their fuel depending on the nature of the safari.

Carrental4x4 has tour local guide at $50 per day and those who want a tour guide who can speak the international language is available at $70

4×4 car hire for safari with a driver in Kenya, All the driver expenses are attached to the company expenses, and this includes tour guide allowance, tour guide accommodation, tour guide meals, and tour guide park entry.

The client is responsible for the vehicle park entry, the client’s personal expenses, and vehicle fuel. Tourist planning for a safari in Kenya with a driver is always given discounts if it’s a long rental. book now with carrental4x4.com and enjoy the best offers

Additional service for hiring a car with a driver in the land of Kenya with carrental4x4 is free airport pickup and free airport delivery. car delivery to the hotel is also available for free cost. Travel with carrental4x4 Guide to discover what is in Tanzania and not written in the books of the country