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For the first speaker Uganda hosting an athletic commentator and here is what he can tell you about Uganda the pearl of Africa,

My commentary on Joshua CHEPTEGEI Peres Mutai and Jacob Kiplimo is why I was invited as a special guest of Uganda. My name is Rob Walker. I’m a British broadcaster and an athletics commentator, and my commentary on Joshua CHEPTEGEI Peres, Trevor Tye and Jacob Kip limo is why I was invited as a special guest of Uganda. And what’s been really good about being here is seeing how good the young journalists, photographers, and broadcasters are here in Uganda.

I have been working with a young photographer called Derek, who’s done a fantastic job. He’s got use of a drone, which has enabled him not only to show me because it’s not really about me this trip. It’s been about using me as an excuse to show these great landmarks. So, he’s been able to get some amazing shots where he’s pulled back to show these great landmarks.

He has been able to get some amazing shots where he’s pulled back from me to reveal an iconic, fantastic view. For instance, when we were at Murchison Falls and he pulled back to show the falls in all their magnificence, He’s been with me everywhere. We’ve been game fishing on the Nile. We had a fantastic trip to see the gorillas, which was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I mean, everybody would say that.

The Travel Adventure in Uganda

Things I have ever done. I mean, everybody would say that about the gorillas, but they say it because it’s true. It’s an iconic trek that is synonymously linked to Ugandan tourism. And he was there through thick and thin for all of it. And he took some wonderful photos.

He captured the spirit of the people and he captured the passion that I have for the country my favorite photograph of all was when we landed in a field outside of primary school, and he got a shot of the school children rushing forward to say hello to me. A lot of them didn’t know who I was.

I was just this mzungu who stepped out of the president’s personal helicopter. But the joy in the faces and the energy that he captured in that photograph absolutely crystallizes for me why there is such an energy about Uganda.

Because when you look into the faces of those children, you’re not looking at my back, you are looking at the kids and those were the great images he was able to capture. He’s a great young photographer and I wish him well for the future.

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