Best primate safaris in Uganda with a driver

These 14 days 0f the best primates trip will cover the most visited game parks in Uganda highlighted by Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking. Below is the brief 14-day safari in Uganda. Our best primates trip is combined with wildlife game drive and nature walk safaris

Arrival at Entebbe International Airport

Transfer to lake Mburo national park

Game drive in Lake Mburo National Park

Day4: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi for a day off rest

Transfer to Bwindi impenetrable national park

Gorilla trekking and cultural Walk

Day 7 Transfer to Ishasha Forest

Day 8: Game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Rest Day in Queen Elizabeth National Park

Transfer to Mt Rwenzori National Park

Tour around Mt Rwenzori National Park

Day 12: Transfer to Kibale National Park

Chimpanzee tracking

Return to Entebbe for the flight

Detailed 14 days best primates trip in Uganda

Day 1: Arrival at Entebbe International Airport.

on our first day of the best primates safari in Uganda, You will be welcomed by a professional driver /guide, who will take you through the itinerary and later transfer you to the hotel around Entebbe town for refreshment and rest. The accommodation will be a 10-20 minute drive from the airport. The accommodation

Giraffe on the primates trip in Uganda

on booked will provide lunch and supper for the first day You can stay at Airport Link guest house, Blue Monkey, Via via guest house, or Gorilla Guest for a budget

Middle class, you can stay at 2friends Hotel, Victoria Hotel, Wild Frontier Hotel

Luxury: K Hotel Imperial Beach Hotel, Protea Hotel

Day 2: Transfer to lake Mburo national park.

On the next day of our best primates trip in Uganda, you will be picked up from the hotel at around 8 am after your breakfast, you will pass Via the express road to Masaka and Lake Mburo.

You will stop at Kayabwe at the Equator for simple drinks and take some pictures for a memorable time This can be done within 30min and later continue the journey to Lake Mburo which is approximately 3hours drive from the equator. The lunch will be taken from the hotel in Mburo National Park, After Lunch, you can sunbath and have some rest

Lunch and dinner will be taken at the hotel you will sign in for a night.

Day 3: Game drive in Lake Mburo National Park.

In the morning you will wake up refreshed and go for breakfast at 8 am and the driver will pick you up after breakfast for a morning game drive. You will have to see different animals in the park-like impala eland, bushbuck buffalo, leopard, hyena zebra Since there are no Lions and Elephant you can do a safari walk in Mburo

And you can enjoy bird watching in Lake Mburo since it is one of the park with different bird species later you will return back to the hotel for lunch and refreshment and have rest. Afternoon you can go back for the evening Game drive if possible 2-3hours and after the game drive you will return to the hotel for the second night

Day4: Transfer to Lake Bunyonyi

In the morning you will be transferred to Lake Bunyonyi, and lunch will be taken in Kabale town.On your way to Lake Bunyonyi, you can spend like 1 hour moving around Mbarara town and learn the way people of Mbarara live and the reason behind calling it the city of honey and water. after the tour, you embark on a journey to Lake Bunyonyi. The journey may take around 4 hours due to a stopover in Kabale town

Day 5: Full day at Lake Bunyonyi.

The whole day will be spent on Lake Bunyonyi enjoying the fresh air coming from one of the deepest crater lakes in Africa. you can have also a boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi with a professional guide. swimming is also allowed if you can swim and the cultural dance from the local people called

Bakiga as you enjoy the local drink called Enturire

Day 6:Transfer to Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Bwindi impenetrable national park for Gorilla trekking. The Journey will take you like 1-3house.Accommodation will Depend on the sector and the group you’re going for the trekking but enganje lodge could be the best accommodation for budget Travellers. will check into the hotel for one night.Our best primates trip will change into an adventure after meeting the gorillas

Day 7: Gorilla trekking.

Very early in the morning, you will report to the briefing point where you will find a group of Rangers from UWA, They will take you through the rules and guidelines to follow during the gorilla trekking, and each group of 8 people will be assigned to one gorilla family.

At the briefing point, that’s where you will be able to, denitrify the type of gorilla family to trek. Weak and old people are always assigned to trek the easier family and the Strong group also takes the gorilla family that requires energy.

This activity can take around five 5-6hours of trekking the gorilla with the help of the guide and you will have a good time taking photos and interacting with gorillas. The time for trekking will vary depending on the movements of the gorillas. besides gorilla trekking, you will be watching birds in the forest and other animals like monkeys.

Day 8: Transfer to Ishasha Forest and then Queen Elizabeth.

The next morning you can have a cultural walk and visit the people staying around the Bwindi forest and their well known to be the pygmies, You will learn where they originated from the life they live, and the food they depend on. This activity can take around 1-3 hours and is later transferred

to Ishasha. Ishasha you will have a chance to see the tree-climbing lion which is not common in Africa, drive through the forest, and then transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park. In the evening you can go for a boat cruise at kazinga channel and watch the hippos

Day 9: Game drive in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

In the morning you will wake up refreshed and have breakfast. The driver will pick you up and enter the park for the game drive. The game drive is done in two places in Queen Kasenyi Plains and Mweya the night game drive is only done in Mweya but kasenya plains allows only the day game drive, the best season for the game drive in Queen is the dry season January to march and J

The elephants in queen elizabeth national park on primates trip

une to September the rest of the season it’s rainy which makes it difficult to do a game drive because it’s slippery and its always busy,

Queen Elizabeth is the outstanding national park in the country for the game drive due to the vast community of wild animals and birds. the main animals are elephants, Lions, and buffalo Hippos. You can do the morning game drive, in the afternoon. evening or night.

Day 10: Resting Day in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

This day will be for refreshment and having a good time at the hotel. The full day will be spent at the hotel having a green savanna view of the park as you can enjoy the fresh air from the natural trees and the voices of different animals and Birds

Day 11: Transfer to Mt Rwenzori.

In the morning after breakfast and refreshments, you will be transferred to Mt. Rwenzori National Park where you will spend a day Doing the walking safari and other activities like community walks. Mt.Rwenzori is famous for its hiking activity which involves climbing the second-highest mountain in East Africa After Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Besides mountaineering, the low planes of Mount Rwenzori have green vegetation, and this is where the national game park starts. Mt. Rwenzori National Park is home to various wild animals and birds, you can find chimpanzees, white colobus, monkeys, and birds in the vegetation zone.

You can spend a night at the Ruboni community camp.

Day 12:Transfer to Kibale National Park.

In the morning you will have breakfast and later transfer to Kibale National Park. you can have a stopover around Fort Portal Town where you will have your lunch, visit the Tooro palace, and walk around Fort Port the Uganda tourism city.

After your Lunch, you can transfer to the park where you will check in to the hotel within Kibale National Park and speed on the night. dinner and breakfast will be provided at the lodge/guest house.

Day 13: Chimpanzee trekking on our Best Primates trip

gorillas trekking during a Best Primates trip in Uganda

wake up for the morning breakfast, you will report to the briefing point where you will be taken through the procedure of chimpanzee tracking.

You will be guided On the rules and regulations for chimpanzee tracking.

this activity can take 3-4 hours depending on your interest in the chimpanzee, you will have time to take pictures with the chimpanzee and interact with them.

Kibale National Park is a great park for chimpanzee trunking in Uganda.

it has a beautiful tropical forest in the whole country with different tree species, it has almost 13premites and different bird species.

After trekking, you can go for lunch at the Guest. After lunch, you can walk to Bigodi wetland. It’s the best place you can find the bird species during your walking safari after returning to the guest house for a night.

Day 14: Transfer to the airport

The driver will pick you up from the guest house after the beak fast and drive to Entebbe International Airport for the departure. The drive will take 6-7 hours.

You can pass by Kampala city for lunch and then transfer to the airport making it the end of a 14-day best primates trip in Uganda. and you will have to discover a new creature