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Most of the time, tourists find it hard which company to choose which company to go with

But most of the companies are selected depending on the Reviews. The company reviews don’t show the services offered by the company in Uganda,Rwanda,Tanzania and Kenya

Different clients have different thoughts on the review

  • Insurance

There is no company in East Africa that gives zero insurance to the car for self-drive. If the company tells you that there is no excess insurance please look for another company. most of the companies have comprehensive insurance which is paid yearly and this insurance cater for a few parts of the car most of the time this insurance doesn’t cover the interior part of the car like radio wind glass tires and radio. so it’s always better to ask the company the time of the insurance they have for the car.

Excessive insurance is always determined by the size and value of the car the excessive insurance for the Landcruiser tx is different from that of the Toyota Rav4

  • Price

when thinking of hiring a car for self drive you need to think about the price of the car per day, you may rent a car at a cheaper price but during your safari, you will need a lot of patience to reach the final destination. you are advised to research the price of the car and ask yourself why is it different from others

  • Fuel consumption

different cars have different rent of consumption, the common usual fuel we normally take is petrol and diesel. the diesel car normally is always expensive in price and also expensive in servicing though the fuel is cheaper than that of diesel. Petrol cars are nice and move faster but the fuel is expensive is in every country

  • company Reviews

It is not  so common with Review to select the company for self-drive and I really need to consider it to a less extent because the review at times are not the same as company services

  • Terms and conditional

It’s always advisable to inquire about the company terms and conditions for the car before you make a conclusion


self drive car rental factors to consider


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