7 Days Rwenzori trekking, Central Circuit Trail

7 Days Rwenzori Trekking: Book a 7 days, 6 nightsRwenzori trekking & mountaineering on the Centralcircuit trail of Rwenzori Mountains.

7 days Rwenzori trekking

Rwenzori trekking

With Car rental 4×4, you’ll start your 7-day Rwenzori trekking self-drive safari in Uganda by exploring the stunning Rwenzori Mountains national Park. This 7 days/6 nights Rwenzori trekking along the central circuit is made for clients who are already in Kasese or at the base of Mount Rwenzori National Park otherwise hikers will have to add an extra day for a complete 8-day Rwenzori trekking expedition.

The 7 days Rwenzori mountaineering tour along the central circuit begins from Nyakalengija up to Nyabitaba, then to the Bujuku valley, over the Scott Elliot Pass to the impressive Kitandara Lakes then over Fresh field Pass into the Mubuku Valley.

Trip Highlight For the 7 days Rwenzori Trekking

Nyakalengija to Nyabitaba

Nybaitaba to John Matte

John Matte to Bujuku

Bujuku to Elena hut

Elena to Kitandara to Guy Yeoman

Guy Yeoman to Nyabitaba to Nyankalengija

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Nyakalengijja to Nyabitaba Hut

On this day, you will head for briefing at the Rwenzori Mountaineering Services headquarters . After here, you will start with your first day trek through the Bakonzo settlements to the Mount Rwenzori National Park Main gate for registration before entering into the park.

Along with the porters & experienced hiking guides, you will trek to Nyabitaba Hut for 4-5 hours. You will pass through the montane forest zones, reaching the Mahoma river at 2 and ½ hours. You will then proceed through the steep climb, via the bracken fern slopes and Pordocarpus forest arriving at the hut in the afternoon for a lunch break. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 2: Nyabitaba to John Matte via Mubuku River

After your breakfast, set off for a 7-9 hours trek, where you will walk through muddy regions with stunning views of the mubuku River. Pass through the bamboo forest, then to the steep and slippery rocks which interjoins the Nyamileju Hut- appoint from which you will relax before winding up with you trek. Embark on your hike, while enjoying beautiful views of Margeritah and mount Stanley peak. Reach John Matte at 3,414m in the afternoon or in the evening for your meals and an overnight

Day 3: John Matte through Bujuku River to Bujuku hut

Your 3rd day’s hike takes on 5-7 hours, to climb a 6km path to Bujuku hut at 3,962m. You will leave for Bujuku after breakfast. From John Matte, Cross Bujuku river and slope through the Bigo Bog with breathtaking views of the peaks. Proceed with your hike, as you traverse near Lake Bujuku where the stunning Alpine savannah vegetation begins.

Arrive at Bujuku Hut in the early afternoon so as to get enough rest for the next day’s long and challenging trek. While at the Bujuku hut, You will enjoy the breathtaking views of Mount Speke, Mount Stanley and Mount baker peaks. Dinner and an overnight at the hut.

Day 4: Bujuku to Elena hut

Today you will traverse through the groundsel vegetation along the 4km path, hiking up 4,372m which is about 5-7 hours trek. You will ascend through the sides of the Upper Bigo bog, and then, hike through the steep slopes of Lake Bujuku to the West as you ascend to the 4372m Scott-Elliot pass, and later proceed through several swamps and the sunning ground gully.

You will then walk through the steep section above the gully by using a metal ladder reaching a junction with two divided trails, with the right trail which leads to the Elena Hut, and rising rising through a steep trail above the large boulders to Mount Stanley while the left trail heads to the Scott-Eliiot pass descending to Kitandara hut.

Elena hut is located at the rocky part of Mount Stanley, in a cold region, although it offers spectacular views of Mount Baker and Mount Speke, which is sometimes hard to see due to fog. Dinner and an overnight at the hut.

Day 5: Elena hut to Magherita peak to Kitandara

On this day you will wake up as early as 2:00am, have breakfast, and hike to the top of Magheritah peak from 3:00am. You will hike through the Stanley plateau to the peak of Mount Stanley. Using ropes, you will hike through the steep rocky regions, while you will be required to use crampons and the ice ax on the glacier as directed by the guide.

This will take a couple of hours, after which you will arrive at the bottom of margherita glacier-the most challenging part of the 7 days Rwenzori central circuit trekking experience. You will then proceed to the top of the peak of Mount Stanley (Magheritah Peak-at 5107m).

At the peak, you will have impressive views of Lake Ireen, Mount Speke and the surrounding, after which you will descend Elena hut for lunch and later continue with your trek to Kitandara, through the Scott Elliot pass (also considered as the most beautiful spot of Rwenzori) dinner and an overnight at Kitandara hut.

However, depending on your group’s strength, you may opt to spend another night at Elena Hut, and continue the next day to Kitandara to Guy Yeoman.

Day 6: Kitandara to Freshfield pass to Guy Yeoman

After breakfast, you will spend 6-8 hours’ walking along the base of mount baker which is quite slippery. Ascend steeply up the headwall, that spreads from the base of Mount baker, as you proceed towards the southern side of Mountain Rwenzori to the Fresh field pass.

After here, you will continue with the long stretch of the muddy trail, trekking through the Kabamba, Akhendahi and rock shelters of Bujongolo-the base camp for the historic expeditions by Duke of Abruzzi in 1906. Proceed with your trek along the Kabamba trail and later on reach Guy Yeoman, which is established at the shores of river mubuku. Dinner and overnight at the hut.

Day 7: Guy Yeoman to Nyabitaba to Nyakalengijja

On this last day of your 7 days Rwenzori mountaineering trek of the central circuit, you will descend to Nyabitaba hut. Have breakfast and pass through the Bamboo forest. You enjoy great sightings of spectacular flowers and plants, bamboo forests and Kinchuchu and Mubuku Rivers, not forgetting the Kabamba falls. Reach Nyabitabba hut after a 4 hours’ trek, after which you will briefly spend 40 minutes visiting Lake mahoma. Return to the hut after Lake Mahoma exploration and walk to Nyakalengijja where you will meet your guide to transfer you back to your hotel