4×4 Car Rental Fleets Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, East Africa.

4×4 Car Rental Fleets in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, East Africa: Land Cruisers, Toyota Rav4s, Safari/Mini Vans, Nissan Patrol, Hiace, Coasters

Car rental 4×4 hires out a range of well serviced rental cars; Toyota Land cruisers GX, Land Cruiser LX, Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Land Cruiser GX, Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser Extended, Land cruiser Hard Top, Safari Vans, Mini Vans, Toyota Hiace, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Rav4s, Toyota Land Rover Defender, Range rovers, Toyota Double Cabin, Coasters and over land trucks.

From small 3-door passenger cars to more spacious 4×4 SUVs we offer a good variety of reliable and well serviced vehicles for your Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda safari

Standard 4×4 Car Rental Fleets in East Afrca-Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda & Burundi

Car Rental 4×4 offers you a wide selection of the best 4×4’s perfectly designed for East Africa’s roads and convenient for driving in seasons season. Our standard vehicles are suitable for those who do not need camping equipment but instead will reside at lodges and guesthouses only.

Toyota Rav4: 3 or 5 Doors

Car rental fleets Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Kenya East Africa

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

4x4 car rental Fleets East Africa

Luxury Land Cruiser V8

Toyota Land cruiser v8-4x4 car rental Fleet

Standard Land Cruiser HardTop

Extended Land Cruiser hardtop

Coaster Bus for group travels

Coaster bus rental

Toyota land Rover Defender

Toyota land Rover Defender-4x4 car rental fleets

Land Cruiser TX/TZ W/Pop UP Roof

Land Cruiser TX/Tx with pop up roof

Land Cruiser Extended W/Pop Up

Car rental 4x4 fleets

Pop Up Roof Safari/Mini Van

Safari Van rental

Equipped 4×4 Car Rental Fleets For Camping

Driving through the Extensive landscapes of Africa becomes even more interesting when you are bringing along all the Camping gear you need to spend the night in the middle of nature and cook your own meals! You want to ensure that you have the best reliable 4×4 car, being able to comfortably carry you or your family and friends over the long stretches of rough/rugged roads. Car rental 4×4 guarantees you a rental vehicle in perfect condition with incredible back-up service. So, you can go and enjoy your safari in East Africa-Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda & Burundi

Land Cruiser GX W/Rooftop Tent

Land Cruiser GX

Nissan Patrol W/Rooftop Tents

Nissan Patrol Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda

Rooftop Tent Land Cruiser LX

Land Cruiser LX with Rooftop tent


Land Cruiser 78-Series W/Rooftop tent

78 series Land cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser with Camping Gear

Land Cruiser With camping gear

Land Cruiser With Camping Rooftop tents

Campin vehicle

Car rental 4×4 is a genuine online car rental agency that offers well serviced 4×4 car rental fleets, organized Self Drive safaris in Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda. You can go on a road trip safari in a fully equipped 4×4 rental car of your own choice. Book a car through our mail: rent@carrental4x4.com