Entebbe is the main entrance to the country of Uganda, Entebbe the rest are accessed by road transport but Entebbe is mainly accessed by air transport. Most of the tourists access Uganda through Entebbe. the main national airport of the pearl of Africa is located in Entebbe town and is called Entebbe international airport, the head office of the fishing industry Agriculture, the United nation base operations airport also and the state house of the president of Uganda is the main reason for the development of Entebbe town.

Entebbe town is located at the shores of the largest lake in East Africa Lake victoria in the southeastern part of Uganda sitting on the northern shores of the lake victoria and it’s a historical site for the government of Uganda and the kingdom of Uganda, the town is located in Wakiso district one of the largest districts in Uganda and Entebbe town was once the city of the government of Uganda during the protectorate in 1962. The town is 18km away from the capital city of the pearl of Africa Uganda

Commercial activities in Entebbe town

The main commercial activity in Entebbe town is the Entebbe international airport which is the passway for all tourists who come to Uganda for tourism and other cargo for the businessmen and industry. Most of the income that and get from other developed countries passes through Entebbe. Other commercial activities include the fishing industry on lake victoria, retail, and supermarkets.

Farming in Entebbe

Entebbe town receives tropical rain since the climatic condition favors the agricultural products farming is at high gear in Entebbe, the plants planted are matooke beans and Irish, cabbage and the highest commercial firming is on flowers due to the favorable climate and water around the lake victoria. The town experiences two seasons in the year January is always dry but not completely dry

Tourism in Entebbe tow

Entebbe has several tourism activities that most of the tourists prefer or wouldn’t wish to miss during your visit to Uganda during peak Season and the low season

The oldest Golf course in East Africa is located in Entebbe town and it’s normally interesting to have meetings and enjoy the golf game for the sports lovers on the vacation, and it was established in the year 1900. Not only the golf when you visit this place you will have access to the Uganda Wildlife Center which is surrounding the Golf course with green vegetation.

The major tourist activity in Entebbe town is the ZOO normally called the Uganda Wildlife Center. there very many animal types you can find in Entebbe Zoo for the few who are not interested to visit the national game parks. It is cheaper to visit the zoo than going to visit the park but you are limited to some of the animals that can not be kept in the zoo with others and there kept there as a sample. the zoo is composed of the animals and birds so you can enjoy all the two at the same time without spending a lot of money

since Entebbe is located on the shores of the like Victoria, their a variety of beaches that have been developed both for low standards and high standards like Imperial royal beach,2friends beach, white sand beach Lido beach, Aero Beach Spena beach, and so many others

Entebbe has historical sites like the Entebbe za Mugula and the tatu for the machine gun that was used in the war during the time of the independence and the National Botanical Gardens that were laid out in the year of 1898

Accomodation in Entebbe

Entebbe has a lot of the hotels and is one of the towns with a lot of hotels Both, you will find the Guesthouse Hotels of 5star and apartments depending on the type of accommodation you want The hotel of high standards like executives for the tourist includes imperial Resort beach hotel, K Hotel Entebbe, Frontiers hotel, Two friends beach hotel Entebbe, lake victoria hotel and so many others. The Guest house includes ViaVia guest House, Airport Link Guest, Blue monkey Guest house