Self Drive Uganda, 4×4 Car Rentals With Rooftop Tents

Self Drive Uganda: Car Rental 4×4 Africa offers Budget & Luxury 4×4 car rentals with; rooftop tents, pop up roofs, one way (Uganda) car hire, long term-Monthly car hire, and camping gear. We also offer best self drive Uganda safari packages, alongside free gorilla permit booking, and accommodations. Is It safe to Self Drive in Uganda?

Uganda (also known as the “pearl of Africa”) offers itself a travel-friendly self drive destination, where most travelers prefer to explore at their own pace , depending on their different interest.

Car Rental 4×4‘s Self Drive Uganda allows you to experience the most ideal self drive safari package in the comfort of a reliable, quality and fully equipped 4X4 Safari rental car.

Our major choices for any self drive safari include Land Cruisers with camping gear plus a rooftop tent, Rav4s 4X4s or Toyota Hilux, to enjoy a self drive safari into some of Uganda’s most rewarding National Parks and wilderness areas. Feel the freedom of an African safari on a camping 4×4 Uganda self drive safari.

Besides, other Rental fleet of 4×4 vehicles includes Safari vans with/without pop up roof, Toyota Hiace , Coaster buses for group self drive purposes.

4×4 Self Drive Uganda Services

A self-drive safari is one of the best options to experience Uganda on an economical, exciting way. It gives you the flexibility to explore Uganda at your own pace

We offer exceptional 4×4 Self drive Car rental services to Uganda self drive travelers which ; Car hire with accommodations booking, car rental with route itinerary, Long term car hire in Uganda, one way car rental, a car hire with camping gear and rooftop tents, plus a 24 hour back up service as detailed below:

4×4 Self Drive Uganda With Rooftop Tent

Need a car (land cruiser) with Single or Double rooftop tent, or Family tent for self drive Uganda safari? Car Rental 4×4 Africa offers a great fleet of 4×4 Land cruisers with single rooftop tents for 2 pax, double rooftop tents for 3-4 people on a self drive road trip. The rooftop tent Land cruisers come with camping gear, including sleeping bags, kitchen utensils, camp chairs, camp table, gas.

All rooftop tents are equipped with inbuilt form mattress, aluminum ladder ladder for safety climbing, YKK Zips, Aluminum frame, fine Wooden Base, 3 Windows for ventilation, 1 Door.

Car rental 4×4 Africa majorly 4×4 Land cruisers with rooftop tents, because of flexibility & reliability to navigate all road types and are weather friendly, which included, Land Cruiser GX with rooftop tent, Land cruiser V8 with rooftop tent, Land Cruiser Lx with rooftop tent, hardtop land cruiser with rooftop tent among others.


Long Term Self Drive Uganda Car Hire

Long term Uganda car rental-Monthly Car Hire in Uganda. Hire a 4×4 self drive car in Uganda for long term from 21 days, a month, a year or more. Car rental 4×4 Africa offers budget long term (Monthly) car rentals in Uganda for weeks, Months, to 365 days or years on self drive rentals.

Car rental 4×4 Africa offers long-term (monthly) car rental during for extended self drive vacations, for a road trip, for seasonal work, extended business trips, among other reasons, that provide greater convenience when you need a vehicle for a month or more, which makes it less expensive per day to rent

Car Rental 4x4 Uganda Car hire

One Way Self Drive Uganda Car Rental

One Way Uganda Car Rentals. Car rental 4×4 Africa offers one way self drive car rentals in Uganda from Kamplala/Entebbe international airport to Entebbe , Kampala , Jinja , Kabale & Gulu, Kasese at affordable one way car rental rate. We also offer cross border one way car hire from Uganda to Rwanda, Kenya,Tanzania, Burundi and further cities like: Kigali, Malindi, Mombasa, Eldoret, Nairobi, Kisumu, Arusha, Moshi, Mwanza.

At Car rental 4×4 Africa, the 4×4 fleets for one way car rental for self drive Uganda, include 4×4 Land cruiser LX, Land cruiser V8, Land Cruiser GX, Hardtop Land Cruiser, & Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, but not smaller cars like Rav4s, Nissan Xtrail, saloon cars.

With our one way car rental option, you can rent your car from one location, drop it at another, depending on budget, as it is also accompanied with other benefits, like unlimited mileage, comprehensive insurance, 24/7 roadside service.

Car Rental with rooftop tent in Rwanda

Best Self Drive Uganda Itinerary Packages

Our self drive Uganda safari specialist partners have carefully planned a number of self drive safari itineraries to show you what is possible and what works well. There are many variations on these self drive holiday itineraries, so contact one of our self drive specialists to put together a suitable self drive Uganda safari tour package in Uganda for you.

our self drive safari can easily be coupled a number activities available such as the breathtaking mountain gorilla trekking, excellent chimpanzee tracking, a wildlife game drive combined with a comfortable boat cruise on a along the Murchison falls and Queen Elizabeth national Parks.

3 Days Uganda Gorilla Self Drive Safari

Gorilla Hiking in Rwanda

3 Days Uganda Gorilla Self Drive Safari allows you drive to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for Mountain Gorilla trekking, so that you meet face to face with them in their natural home at your own pace.

3 Days Uganda Chimpanzee Self Drive Tour

chimpanzee trekking in Gombe national park

3 Days Uganda Chimpanzee tracking Self Drive Safari. Drive to Kibale Forest National Park for an exclusive Chimpanzee trekking adventure, alongside captivating Bigodi nature walks. Other animals to see include: grey-cheeked mangabeys, vervet monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, and olive baboons

7 Days Mt. Rwenzori Trek Self Drive Uganda Safari

Hiking in Uganda

7 Days Rwenzori Trekking Safari. Enjoy the freedom of driving yourself day 1 & day 8, to Rwenzori Mountains National Park, to climb from the foothills of the Mountains to Margherita Peak for the actual 7 days Mt. Rwenzori Trekking along the central circuit trail.

9 days Wildlife(Big 5), Gorilla trekking & Chimpanzee tracking Safari

Tree climbing lions in maara

9 Days Uganda Self drive safari; Enjoy Driving from Entebbe to Mabamba swamp for shoebill experience, then proceed to Lake Mburo for a morning nature walk and canoe ride. Thereafter, connect to Bwindi Impenetrable national Park for Gorilla Trekking, and explore Queen Elizabeth National Park on full day game viewing drive and Boat cruise on Kazinga Channel, and finish with chimpanzee habituation in Kibale forest national park.

10 Days Chimpanzee tracking, White Water Rafting, Culture & Wildlife


Discover more with your 10 days self-drive safari Uganda adventure, you will visit Ngamba Island Sanctuary for Chimpanzee Experience, Sezibwa Falls, Source of the nile, have a Full day rafting, Hike the Sipi Falls, encounter the “The big Five” alongside the cultural visit to the ‘IK’ people in Kidepo Valley National Park and Rhino tracking in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

19 Days Best Of Uganda’s Gorillas, Chimpanzees & Rwenzori Treks

Gorilla trekking on Uganda nature safari

Explore the wonders of Uganda’s breathtaking Murchison Falls, Kibale forest, Rwenzori Mountains and Bwindi impenetrable Forest national Parks. This is the perfect tour for those who want to experience ultimate Uganda gorilla trekking, Rwenzori mountaineering, chimpanzee trekking, Wildlife experience and White water rafting in Uganda.

Is It Safe to self drive in Uganda?

Yes! Self Driving in Uganda is normally safe, although there are a few things you need to know, before taking a self drive safari/roadtrip through Uganda such as: road conditions for driving in Uganda, traffic rules, documentation, insurance, driving license,driving age limit.

What are the road conditions in Uganda?

The road conditions of Uganda, are generally good, thanks to the recent infrastructural development. The major primary roads spreading from Kampala city center to the 4 horns of the country is made up of smooth asphalt, with a chances of driving over potholes, speed bumps-which helps to control over speeding. Uganda is a beautiful country with breathtaking scenery, that you wouldn’t want to get your eyes off them, which is why you should take your time driving at your pace, with so many break-stops,so as to avoid a common traveler’s mistake of trying to cover Many Kilometers in one trip

Best 4×4 rental car (Which Car is good) For a Self Drive Safari in Uganda

Car rental 4×4 Africa majorly hires mainly Toyota Land cruisers, Toyota Rav4, and Toyota hilux for most self driving adventure seeking enthusiasts. This is because, 80% of the daily driving ends up on dirt gravel/lose roads, while roads in the park, also includes more off road driving, although it is not tedious as it is in other Africa destinations.

Does Your Self Drive rental car has 4WD?

Yes! at car rental 4×4 Africa’s rental fleet hired for self drive Uganda have 4WD, that which is demonstrated to every client upon car delivery & handover. The company representative will demonstrate how to engage the 4WD, after general inspection, before it is officially handed over.

What paperwork is required for me to rent a car for self driving in Uganda?

Upon making your first deposit for reserving your self drive rental car, we will only ask for your copies of Valid Passport & National driving License, so as to right identification of the same names appearing on both documents. It is also important that we don’t require an international driving license, but just ensure you have your national driving license handy.

Which Side Of The Road Should I Drive and What are the speed Limits?

Driving in Uganda, like Kenya and Tanzania is usually on the left. While speed limits are narrowed to 80 km/hour on highways, 50 km/hour in Narrow towns and 30-40 km/hour in National Parks. Besides you must not forget other traffic rules posted along most roads.

Note that: Besides traffic rules, most Uganda road users overtake along blind corner, by which you must be careful when driving, with your eyes often fixed on the rear view mirrors. You must also try to dodge potholes, because hitting them may cause flat tire.

Basic tips to remember.

  • Park in safe/secured place, and always leave the car doors locked. Ensure never to leave your luggage inside the car
  • Avoid driving at Night, because it is difficult to rescue any clients at night, and it is usually hard to recognize portholes at night.
  • Always carry along enough cash, water and a mobile phone for emergency cases.

Can I Drive through Restricted areas with my self drive rental car?

There are no restricted places/destinations in Uganda. All 4WD Land cruisers can navigate through all Uganda road networks, except for a Toyota Rav4, that cannot be hired for self driving through Karamoja/Kidepo region

Can I Cross more borders with my self drive rental car?

Yes, Car rental 4×4 Africa offers cross border options to its self drive clients who want to cross 1 or more borders. Our border crossing options are limited within Uganda, Kenya Tanzania, Rwanda & Burundi. Clients intending to do multiple-country self drive road trips for a long term, or one way, must inform the company prior to the arrival or pick up date, so that we can arrange the COMESA license (Yellow Card), as well as the other documentations that will be required.

Does My rental Car have Comprehensive Insurance?

All rental fleets for hire in Uganda, are comprehensively insured against, theft, fires,head on collusion, but not personal life insurance for the client. This insurance doesn’t cover any damage caused by negligence, like drunken driving, wheels,cigerette burns. Tires, Windscreen,windows, mirrors are also not covered,for they are entirely a clients responsibility, not forgetting the actual amount for towing the car. Incase the car is driven under any negligence, the client shall be debited for the damage for the battery, engine, radiator or cylinder or even when any person is injured.

Do I need a local sim card?

Yes! It is very important to stay connected with people both at home and keeping with the current updates of Uganda. Uganda has both MTN & Airtel Network providers, each supporting the 4G network. We urge you to purchase a simcard for making calls as well as buying data. All you need is your valid passport to register.

Is it Necessary to hire a GPS?

GPS navigation is just an option, but there are so many apps online, besides google maps that you can easily download and install on your smartphone before you start traveling. We encourage all clients to download the free app, and the Uganda maps to enjoy driving even when you are offline. We also advise that you increase the suggested travel time by 30%.

How Will I be rescued If I Get a break down?

No one needs a breakdown, that is why we continuously monitor the mechanical condition of our cars, before we hand them over our self drive Uganda clients. Yet, cars are machines, that can still break. With our 24/7 backup assistance, we will send a mechanic to your location if you are close to any of our bush workshop, or we can advise you to head to the nearby fuel station to have the issue sorted. In case the damage is beyond their capacity, we advise you stay still, so that we can replace the car with another within 24 hrs or less depending on the distance. We ask for your kind cooperation, flexibility, and patience.

What Should I expect when on my self driving safari in Uganda?

Self driving in Uganda is not for the faint hearted! You should expect getting stuck in mud, dealing with flat tire, driving on bumpy or dusty roads, and a few Mechanical issues. Most self drive safari problems arise due to driving behaviour as a result of ambiguous itinerary, which leads to long driving hours. We therefore advise you to adjust your itinerary so as to avoid injuries and reduce mechanical issues.

In conclusion, Car rental 4×4 Africa, owns its 4×4 rental fleets, including; Toyota Land cruiser LX, Toyota Land cruiser Gx, Toyota Hilux, Toyota RAV4, Nissan Xtrails vehicles, most of which are widely used 4WD vehicles, and perfectly suitable for your adventurous Self drive Uganda roadtrip.

In case you are in a situation where, you can’t drive yourself, we have a driver guide to ease your travels, yet you remain in charge of your own holiday and itinerary, you enjoy a more relaxed experience while discovering the beauty Uganda offers at an affordable cost of $40 per day.

Are you not comfortable driving yourself and would you feel more at ease with a local driver by your side? Then book a car including a knowledgeable drive-guide,

Book your 4×4 rental car today!