10 Days Uganda safari on Self-Drive

10 Days Uganda Safari offers a 10-day self-drive Uganda safari offers cultural experiences, Big-5 viewing, Chimpanzee tracking, & white water rafting & sipi falls hike.

Make the most of your time with this extensive 10-day (9 Nights) self-drive safari through Eastern and Northern Uganda for the best game thrilling and breathtaking adventure Holiday. Throughout your 10 days self-drive safari Uganda adventure, you will visit Ngamba Island Sanctuary for Chimpanzee Experience Sezibwa Falls, Source of the nile, have a Full day rafting, Hike the Sipi Falls, encounter the “The big Five” in Kidepo Valley National Park and Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary.

Travel around Uganda at your own self-drive speed, and schedule and enjoy a complete adventure. This 8 day self drive Uganda safari package helps you save money without sacrificing any of the experiences. Better yet, it offers full comfort. You will always have a full camping experience with a rooftop tent Land cruiser.

This is the most ideal self-drive Uganda safari tour for those who want the best possible value rental car to experience Uganda’s magical Central, Eastern and Northern highlights

Detailed Itinerary on Self Drive

Day 1: Kampala City Tour

Pick your rental car from Your choice of residence location in Kampala or Entebbe International Airport. We recommend that you pick up yourself drive rental car early in the morning return it in the afternoon or evening on your last day of your Uganda self-drive safari.

Take a full day in Kampala self-driving to the best tourist spots in Kampala including Owino Market, Gaddafi Mosque (The Uganda National Mosque), Kabaka’s palace, Kasubi Tombs, Ba’hai Temple, The Reptile village, Uganda Martyrs Shrine, Uganda National Museum, Social Innovation Museum, Rubaga cathedral.

You will have a lunch enroute from any restaurant in the city, that will provide a number of local traditional dishes including Luwombo, Matooke as well as Uganda’s famous snack “Rolex”.

Drive back to the Lodge, for dinner and an overnight.

Day 2: Ngamba Island Chimpanzee experience

After having a hearty breakfast, Pick up your car and self-drive to Ngamba Island Sanctuary to catch up with the morning or afternoon half day chimpanzee experience. Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary Tour offers all adventurers the chance to encounter the Chimps during the different feeding times when they move out of the forest to a clearing where fruits are thrown by the caregivers together with the visitors stand on a raised platform behind the a wire fence around the forest.

You choose from either 7:30 or 10:30 session tour. Drive to Entebbe to find the speed boat and the sanctuary representatives that will proceed with you to Ngamba island for the chimpanzee experience, who will take you to visitor’s or intepretation center to be briefed about the project, its history, the chimpanzees including numerous activities that can be done at the island. You will stand at the visitors’ platform, a raised viewing platform from which you will spot the chimpanzees feed and being supplemented. You can take photos, for a lifetime.

Return after the experience to find your car and drive back to your hotel of your residence for dinner and overnight sleep.

Day 3: Journey to Jinja

Day 3 sends you to Jinja from Kampala! You drive through the spectacles of tea plantations, sugarcanes and traditional markets. You will embrace and experience the rapids of rivers, the spectacular forests, the flowing of the water from the Nile among others.

On your way to Jinja, you will drive to Sezibwa falls, your first stop over point. Sezibwa gets its name from the Luganda word, “sizibwa kkubo” which means “my way cannot be blocked or hindered” in English.

Proceed to the Mabira forest which will offer numerous forest adventures including bird watching, forest walks, or even Zip Lining. Thereafter, proceed to the Source of the Nile and take a boat ride from the shores of the Nile to the spot where the Nile waters starts flowing. Enjoy the ride further into Lake Victoria, enjoying the spectacular countryside scenery. There are numerous water birds for keen birders like Cormorants, Egrets, Fish Eagles, Pelicans among others. The ride is roughly an hour long, return

and later proceed to your lodge for an overnight sleep.

Day 4: White Water Rafting

On your 4th day , you will drive from your hotel to the briefing point from which you have breakfast. After wards you will be briefed about the your full day rafting by the experienced rafting experts. From here, you will be transferred to the boat, where you will be taught about the safety drills during the first moments of your rafting, as you navigate through the simple rapids.

As you proceed, you will encounter numerous rapids, that will increase your rafting adventure thrill. Stop half way for lunch and later embark on your rafting adventure till the end of the day, when you will have a barbeque treat. Set off and drive back to your Lodge for Dinner and an overnight sleep

Day 5: Drive to Kapchorwa- Sipi Falls Hike

Today you will experience the wonders off the 3 breathtaking Sipi Falls. If you set out early in the morning on day 5 of 8 days self drive safari in the East and norther Uganda, You will leave Jinja after your breakfast for Kapchorwa. Upon arrival, head straight to the starting point of Hiking Spi Falls. You will be briefed by Locals, who will guide you through your hiking adventure to the magnificent Falls at 65m, 85m and 100m above sea level.

Hiking these three falls ma take between about 3 hours to finish, after which you will then proceed to your hotel for dinner and later sleep

Day 6: Drive to Kidepo Valley National Park

You will start your day with an early morning breakfast, and drive to Kidepo Valley National Park. You will have a whole day drive, full of rewarding experience, as you ride through the stunning landscapes of Nakapiripirit, Moroto, Kotido that come with impressive views of Mount Moroto prior to reaching Kaboong and Kidepo for dinner and night stay at your preferred Lodge

Kidepo Valley National Park is one of the best hidden treasures of Uganda hosting incredible wildlife

Day 7: Morning game drive and hot springs visit

Today you will explore The Narus Valley on a fascinating game drive, where you will spot numerous wild game such as Elephants, Antelopes, Zebras, Giraffes, Buffaloes including various bird species. Chances are high that you might spot the rare cats such as the cheetahs, and the vast herd of Buffaloes, since the Narus area has water and plenty of green grass to feed from.

Return to the Lodge for Lunch, relax and drive to Kidepo Valley to visit the hotsprings, and by chance may also spot the giant Ostriches.

Note that This area experiences Seasonal rivers which may cause many interruptions during wet season.

Drive Back to the Lodge for dinner and an overnight.

Day 8: Community Experience with the IK people and other communities

On this 8th day, your adventure takes you to the IK Community, where you will interract with the most reserved people who converge in a caged/fenced village so as to stay a way from wild animals and intruders. You will enjoy their traditional dances, through which they pass on their cultural customs and history to people who visit them. Return for lunch and later vist soime other Karamojong homesteads to have an opportunity to interract with the elders to know more about their cultural customes and experiences.

As part of our sustainability practice, we urge all our clients who visit these tribes and communities to make donations towards their social welfare as well as appreciating their lifestyle and daily activities, as well as participating in their activities, such as milking the cow, and grazing them

Return to the Lodge for Dinner and an overnight

Day 9: Drive Back to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Start your day in Kidepo with a morning game drive after breakfast and proceed to Gulu. Drive then to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for a bout 3 hours and arrive in the afternoon. You will check in to your hotel, relax and wait for dinner, as you prepare to complete your round trip

Day 10: Rhino Tracking and Departure

Today you will complete your 10 days Self drive Uganda Safari with a mid-morning Rhino Tracking. From your hotel, you will drive to the headquarter for briefing about the do’s and Don’ts of tracking Rhinos. After here, you will head to the bush to look for the Rhinos, and upon finding them, you will spend at most 1 hour in their presence, after which you will return to the headquarters and later depart for Kampala or Entebbe International Airport to catch up with your scheduled flight back to your home.