Self Drive Kenya Safari Packages

Self drive Kenya Safari. Self drive Kenya Safaris offers long term self drive rentals, one way self drive hire with(out) rooftop tents & camping gear in Kenya & crossbrders. Car rental 4×4 Africa offers Self drive car hire with rooftop tent & camping gear in Kenya packages, One way self drive car rental Kenya Packages, Long term self drive Car rental Kenya packages.

Kenya is an ideal and safest destination for both self drive safaris/tour itineraries with/without camping or rooftop tents, which allows tourists to travel without the constraints of a scheduled safari. Much of Kenya’s wilderness is a rugged, as most urban regions of the country’s roads are paved. A complete 4×4 rental in Kenya offers you the opportunity to ride your own adventure and game drives, as well as driving through the predominantly off-road terrain of the game parks & reserves. When going offroad in Kenya, you should book a car that can be capable of anything.

We offer a wide range of 4×4 cars in Kenya, offered by our reliable and reputable affiliate Kenya car hire fleets. Car Rental 4×4 Africa provides best value car rental deals in Kenya.

Hiring a car from Car Rental 4×4 Africa for your Kenya safari will be the best decision you will make, because of the quality, reliability & Comprehensive car rental service that you will receive from our skilled staff when hiring a 4×4 or any vehicle.

3 Days Masai Mara Self Drive Tour Kenya

3 days Masai Mara self drive safari

3 days Masai Mara Private self drive safari allows you to explore Kenya’s rich Masai Mara National Reserve for unlimited game drives in 4×4 pop up roof or rooftop tented camper. You can enjoy great wildebeest sightings during the peak season, with a small touch of Masai Cultural Exprience.

Self Drive Tour Masai Mara, Nakuru & Amboseli

How to go on a self drie kenya safari

6 Days Masai Mara, Amboseli & Lake Nakuru Self Drive Safari From Nairobi Kenya. This 6 days Kenya Self Drive Safari lets you drive through Masai Mara National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National Park, and Amboseli National Park.

Best Of Amboseli & Tsavo West Self drive Safari.


4 days best of Amboseli &Tsavo West Kenya self drive safari from Nairobi, lets you drive to Amboseli National Park, where, you will immerse yourself amidst large herds of Elephants, Lions, Rhinos against the beautiful picturesque of Mount Kiliamanjaro peak.

12 Days Best Kenya Self Drive Safari & Beach Holiday

4X4landcruiser with rooftoptent

Enjoy the best self drive Kenya safari on this 12 days, 11 nights wildlife game viewing drives from Nairobi, through Samburu National Game Reserve, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Aberdare National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Masai Mara Game Reserve, Lake Naivasha Area Attractions, Amboseli & Tsavo West National Parks.

The country is magnificent with a combination of remarkable wildlife viewing with magnificent landscapes and sensational cultural encounters. Added to that, Kenya’s high concentration of wildlife destination, alongside the once in a lifetime wildebeest migration experience affirms it, as one of Africa’s best self driving & Camping destinations with rooftop tents.

However, the joy of driving on good infrastructure of driving your own 4×4, adds a whole new dimension to your self drive Kenya safari experience.

Getting around in your very own 4×4 adds a whole new dimension to your safari experience and is one of the best ways you can possibly imagine for getting to know Kenya.

4×4 Rental Cars for Self Drive Kenya Safari

Car rental 4×4 Africa operates a number of rental fleets for self drive hire in Kenya including: Land Cruiser rooftop tents, Toyota hilux and Toyota Rav4s, safari mini vans, Toyota Land Rover Defenders, Toyota hiaces, and coaster bus rentals for Kenya self drive purposes.

A self-drive safari in Kenya is an ideal option to experience Kenya on an economical, exciting way. It gives you the freedom to explore Africa at your own pace.
Exploring Kenya by 4×4 will create a new adventure in being able to take the road trip experience and explore the continent in it’s full color.

Experience Kenya on a self drive 4×4 safari rental Car! Discover the best that Kenya has to offer, in a fully equipped 4WD vehicle, allowing the freedom to visit Kenya destinations and attractions.

Toyota Land Rover Defender

Self drive Rwanda 4x4 car rental

Safari Land Cruiser Extended

Self drive Tanzania-Toyota Land cruiser extened

Toyota Safari Van Pop Up Roof

car rental 4x4 self drive kenya safari van rental

How To Go On A self drive Kenya safari

Kenya has excellent roads and an endless distribution of impressive destinations coupled with a wide choice of overnight options, be it a campsite, guesthouse, boutique hotel or safari lodge. The best way to go on self drive Kenya safari, is by an all terrain 4×4 rental car, road map, and a GPS system or otherwise, you can download app, not forgetting a pop up(top) roof land cruiser for wildlife viewing drive enthusiasts. Exploring Kenya on self drive is the best option for an intrepid traveler to discover their own path at their own pace and time.

How to go on a self drie kenya safari

What Service is included in my self drive kenya safari rental car?

Car rental 4×4 Africa offers to its self drive Kenya safari clients: a 4WD on unlimited mileage, 24/7 roadside assistance, comprehensive insurance, and the car is continuously maintained until we hand over to client. We also assist our clients to plan there self drive safari itinerary incase they don’t have one.

However, all vehicles for a self drive Kenya Safari, are hired out with an extra wheel, 1 battery, triangular reflectors, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, car lift jack plus its spanner.

What Service is included in my self drive kenya safari rental car?

Car rental 4×4 Africa offers to its self drive Kenya safari clients: a 4WD on unlimited mileage, 24/7 roadside assistance, comprehensive insurance, and the car is continuously maintained until we hand over to client. We also assist our clients to plan there self drive safari itinerary incase they don’t have one.

However, all vehicles for a self drive Kenya Safari, are hired out with an extra wheel, 1 battery, triangular reflectors, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, car lift jack plus its spanner.

While the must have camping gear includes: Spoons, plates, cups, bowls, tumblers, tongs, cork screw wine opener, can opener, sleeping bags, cooking saucepans, foldable camp chairs, foldable camp table, ordinary coolbox, electric fridge(but at an additional price of $10/day).

What Should I consider when planning My Self Drive Kenya Safari?

Top Visited Safari National Parks In Kenya

Kenya is an ultimate safari hub, that receives over millions of thousands safari enthusiasts, to its 23 National parks, 15 national reserves, and over 140 private conservancies, which fall under one Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS). Planning a remarkable self drive safari requires an all 4×4 terrain to navigate through maintained but rough roads leading to and inside the National parks. The premium National parks & reserves, that are best suited for safaris include: Masai Mara National Reserve, Nairobi National Park, Meru National ParkSamburu National Game Reserve, Olpejeta Conservancy, Mount Kenya National Park, Amboseli National Park, Hells Gate National Park, Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Naivasha, Tsavo West & East National Park, & Mombasa Marine National Park.

All these safari parks are subjected to park entrance fees by any self drive Kenya safari enthusiast, as well as the 4×4 rental car.

KWS National Parks’ entry permits for all the National parks, cannot be issued on arrival, but obtained online through their portal, only if you have an eCitizen account. You can access your eCitizen account create one from . With this account, you can also apply for your Kenya tourist visit, as well as permits.

KWS does not limit the number of visitors applying, therefore, there’s no need to worry about being denied at the gate, although we highly advise each client to purchase the permits early enough, at least one day prior to the date of entering the park.

Important Ideas.

You should select a car with not more than 6 seats, because the driver seat is not considered, when adding up the number of passengers with whom you will travel.

You will be availed with the 4×4 jeep registration number(though its not of great importance,as the car registration number must not march the one you will be renting, otherwise one can register as KWS0000, as the vehicle registration number) 2 days to your arrival date because, the company reserves the right to offer you a car in great condition, out of the ones that were reserved under your name upon paying commitment fee. (all details were are discussed during reservations).

While for a driver guided Kenya safari (in case you will hire one driver), you must add the driver’s name as a resident to your permit during application, as well as the park activities you will be booking.

It also important to purchase a local sim card (preferably Safaricom), because most Kenya payments are made via Mpesa, although credit cards(Visa/Mastercard) can also be accepted or even payments in USD are seldom made. You should remember to check your history page for the USD payments once you done making KWS payments.

Is it safe to do a self drive safari in Kenya?

Yes! A self drive safari in Kenya is generally very safe

Kenya is an ideal self-drive destination with many attractions to visit while on a self drive safari, including the Big Five, Wildebeest migration experience, Mount Kenya hikes, impressive landscapes, and the remarkable Kenya cultures, which offer intimate self drive safari experiences in Kenya. Although there are precautions one must follow before taking a self drive safari in Kenya such as; driving on the left, watch out for bad roads & potholes , rent a car with comprehensive insurance, don’t drive at night, always stop at a pedestrian crossing in busy towns, respect the speed limits on the road, pay the parking fee whenever you park otherwise you will be fined, and make sure you have your driving license.

Can I Enter Tanzania on My self drive Kenya safari?

You can easily access Tanzania in our 4×4 rental car that you have hired? This can only be possible after paying for the COMESA License, depending on the number of days you will spend in Tanzania. In addition to COMESA, the client must pay for Temporary exportation/importation of road vehicles within East document, which will bear the client’s name. This also applies for all park

4×4 Budget & Luxury Self drive safari Tours

Kenya offers a wide choice of destinations and accommodation options for 4×4 Self Drive Kenya Safaris.

Car rental 4x4 self drive KenyaKenya’s vast open spaces allow for relaxed driving while enjoying every moment of your self drive safari. The scenery changes daily and the diversity of destinations are superb! The national parks offer a wide variety of wildlife, scenic beauty and comfortable rest camps/Accommodation.

Kenya Self drive safaris is conveniently based in Masai mara, the self drive capital of Kenya. This is the ideal starting point for an ideal Kenya safari. Vehicle drop-off and pick up services are also available in Nairobi, Eldoret, Kisumu, Nakuru, Malindi, Jommo Kenyatta International Airport, Mombasa Airport.

With continuous experience in crisscrossing the continent , we are able to assist you with not only a safari rental car, but with other Self drive Kenya car rental services from rooftop tents, Long term car rental, driver/guide rentals, camping equipment, one way car rental, airport transfers, places to stay, maps, advice of what to see and do and we able to offer you a 24/7 roadside service.