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Car Rental 4×4 Africa is #1 Fast & Secure online 4×4 Car rental agency hiring Budget/luxury car rental w/driver guides & 4×4 Self drive in Africa with rooftop tent campers in East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, Southern Africa & North Africa.

We specialize in offering best equipped 4×4 (4WD) cars which are perfectly fitted for self-drive safaris in Africa: from Toyota Rav4s, Toyota Land Cruisers, Safari Vans, Toyota Hilux, Coaster buses, Super customs, Nissan Patrol, Toyota Ipsum, Corona, Raum, Toyota Land Rover Defenders, Toyota Hiaces and pick up trucks.

You can choose a vehicle with/without camping equipment and rooftop tents for either short or long term car rental.

Camping in your own 4×4 rental car with/without rooftop tents plus camping gear/equipment is the best way to discover Africa.

Contact us for a trustworthy and affordable 4×4 car rental.

Car Rental 4×4 Africa Car Hire Services.

Car rental 4×4 Africa offers extremely competitive prices and outstanding car rental services to its customers including: Long term car rental, Car rental with driver/guide, Rooftop tents, pop up roof 4×4 car rentals, car rental with camping gear, one way car rental, Airport transfers, Taylor made safaris and accommodation Bookings

If you want to go on a back-to-nature camping trip or prefer the comfort of lodges and hotels in Africa, we can offer you the best suitable rental car perfectly fitted for your needs and preferences along side great services.

Our cars may cross the borders on a one way car hire deal at best guaranteed car hire rates. We guarantee that all our vehicles are in excellent condition and well serviced.

Car Rental East Africa

Renting a self drive car in East Africa, gives you the freedom to adventure dozens of Natural attractions including Mountain Gorillas, Chimpanzees, the Big five, and unforgettable Mountain treks/Hikes in Rwenzori, Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro among others

Car Rental 4×4 Africa offers the best range of reliable car rental options in East Africa, including: Toyota Rav4s , Nissan Xtrails, Toyota Hilux , Toyota Land cruiser extended, Land Cruiser V8, Land cruiser LX, TX/TZ Land Cruiser Prado, Safari Mini Van, Toyota Pick Up, shuttles, Coasters bus, Toyota Land Rover Defenders

With excellent 24/7 road services, comprehensive insurance and unlimited mileage, you can rent a fully equipped 4×4 rooftop tent Land cruiser (Camper) vehicles, plus camping gear for your self drive camping safari in East Africa.

Besides, Car rental 4×4 Africa also hires chauffeur driven vehicle for car rental with driver guide options in East Africa . At competitive rates, you can also save more with long term car rentals & one way car hire in East Africa.

Renting a car(Land Cruiser) with a pop up roof in East Africa for a self drive safari or driver guided adventure allows you to explore exciting and most impressive wildlife and primate National Parks in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi, like Masai Mara National Reserve, Serengeti National Park, Kibale Forest national Park, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Queen Elizabeth national Park among others. Read More

Car Rental in Southern Africa

Car Rental 4×4 Africa offers the best range of off-road vehicles for self drive with/without camping gear/equipment for your road trip experience in Botswana, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Our 4×4 fleets range from sedans, compact cars to luxury vehicles, camper vans, to mini buses, like Compact Manual or Auto Suzuki Jimny, Automatic SUV Toyota Fortuner or similar, Toyota Hilux double cab , D/CAB 4X4 (MAN), TOYOTA LAND CRUISER, among others.

Car rental 4×4 Africa also offers a full range of camping to help you best enjoy the ultimate Bush experience in all the iconic destinations in the Southern Africa

Choose from the Largest range of 4×4 vehicles To find the right vehicle for your ideal South African adventure.

car rental in Southern Africa

What Types of 4×4 Rentals Are Available?

Luckily, as hiring a 4×4 in Africa is so popular, Car Rental 4×4 offers an extensive range of 4×4’s. We offer majorly 4×4 Toyota Land Cruisers and Toyota Rav4s more available vehicles than any other category.

Other categories include safari/omni vans, double cabin pick ups, and coasters which seats up to 24 passengers. However our fleet is always updating so when you run a quote from our website for Carrental4x4.com we’ll always display the most available vehicles for traveling Africa.

Our most popular 4×4 car rentals are shown below

Toyota Rav 4

Toyota Rav4 car rental-4x4 car rental East Africa

Toyota land cruiser TX

4x4 Car Rental Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Omni Bus/Safari Vans

Safari Van 4x4 Car rental

Coaster bus Rentals

4x4 Car Rental Coaster Bus

Land Rover Defender

Hilux Double Cab

double cabin toyota hilux

4×4 nissan Patrol Car

Nissan Patrol

V8 with Rooftop Tent

Land Cruiser V8

Land Cruiser Extended

Land Cruiser GX

Gax Land cruiser 4x4 car rental

Prado W/Pop Up Roof

Land cruiser Pardo With Pop Up roof

Toyota Hiace Rental

Toyota hiace 4x4 car rental

Why Rent a car with Car Rental 4×4?

We offer best car rental quotes in all our 4×4 rental cars in East Africa to make sure that we are offering you the best price on our car rentals. The prices that we quote you include:

  • Unlimited mileage on selfdrive
  • Airport and hotel transfers
  • 24/7 Emergency service in case of a breakdown
  • 4×4 explanation and test drive
  • Comprehensive Insurance
  • Third party insurance
  • Road maps
  • Tips and advise
  • Description places of interest

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