4×4 Car Rental Kenya With Rooftop Tent

Car Rental With Rooftop Tent in Kenya: Car rental 4×4 Africa hires 4×4 Land Cruiser LX with rooftop tent(s), Land cruiser V8 with rooftop tent plus camping gear for self drive camping safaris.

Car rental with rooftop tent in Kenya

All rooftop tents have built-in foam mattresses embedded on a flat surface to sleep on, with proper ventilation which guarantees safe relaxation and comfort for a proper overnight rest in all Kenya campsites. While the camping gear include: fordable camping chairs, fordable camp table, sleeping bags, full set of Kitchen utensils, cooking pots or saucepans, water tank, fridge and cool box, while child seat (on request), Electric fridge (at a cost).

Choices of 4×4 rental Land Cruiser Cars with Rooftop Tents For Hire in Kenya

Car Rental with rooftop tent hire in Kenya could make your trip a more perfect and peaceful one.

Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Series W/rooftop tent

78 series Toyota Land cruiser

Land cruiser 78 series with 1 or 2 rooftop tents. We hire it with single, family or rooftop tents for a group of 2 to 4 passengers with camping gear at the trunk. Hire this 78 series Land cruiser with rooftop tent in Kenya for an ultimate camping experience. The Land Cruiser 78 series, for cross border camping safaris from Kenya to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania on a round trip or on one way car hire from Kenya

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 With Rooftop Tent

Rent a 4x4 V8 with rooftop tent with camping gear.

Hire Land Cruiser V8 with single rooftop tent for two(2) passengers for camping safaris not only in Kenya, but Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi, & Rwanda. The Land cruiser V8, is the perfect fleet for road trips in East Africa on either one way car hire in East Africa, or roundtrips with a must have COMESA documents (only organized by the company). Its automatic with petrol engine, air con, and can carry upto 5 pax with pop up (Open) roof.

Toyota Land Cruiser LX With 1 or 2 Rooftop Tents

LX Land cruiser with rooftop tent

Land Cruiser LX With Rooftop Tent plus camping gear is just the right choice to handle all Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi ultimate camping safari. Hire this manual Land Cruiser with diesel engine, plus an air con for your long term car hire in Kenya, one way car hire Kenya or beyond its borders.

Hilux Land Cruiser With 1 or 2 rooftop tents

Land Hilux With Rooftop Tent

Get a Land Cruiser Hilux With Rooftop Tent plus camping gear for East African terrain for camping safari experiences. Hire this manual Land Cruiser with diesel engine, plus an air con for your long term car hire in Kenya, one way car hire in Kenya or crossover to Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Burundi

Why rent a car(Land cruiser) with a rooftop tent in Kenya?

Renting a 4×4 land cruiser with a rooftop tent is highly economical, and provides you the freedom to explore various Kenya National parks like Masaai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Lake Naivasha, Nairobi National Park, Aberdare, among others.

Long term car rental KenyaSelf Drive Car Rental in Kenya offers you excellent freedom to choose what time you leave on for the self-drive holiday, where you want to stay with our rooftop tent and rental car, who you want to hang out with, and what you want to see, instead of following the strict timetables you’d have on a group tour!

Rent a 4×4 land cruiser with a rooftop tent from car rental 4×4 Africa for a great start to your holiday, Here you will find quality, and perfect Land cruiser and rooftop tent rental offers.

Campsites in Kenya- Rooftop Tents Kenya:

There are numerous campsites in Kenya with prominent facilities such as bathrooms, toilets, and water facilities and you will be given essential safety tips on collection of your Land cruiser with rooftop tent.

You are traveling in exciting areas of Kenya alongside some of nature’s most endangered species including Big(Lions, Elephants, Buffaloes, Leopards, Rhinos), and the famous great Wildebeest migration. Take long lenses and good cameras and good binoculars.

Standard Rental Rates Include:

The standard rates include:

Unlimited mileage

Local Tax (VAT)

Comprehensive insurance


Transfers from Airport and Hotels

Cooking Equipment/Gear

Emergency backup vehicles

Full water tank and gas bottle(s)

Get the best discounts on 4×4 Rentals in Kenya

We offer discounts for longer term rentals, depending on the terms full terms and conditions during your booking process.

No hidden Costs.

All costs are discussed with the before you make your payments. If there is anything you need clarified, please contact us.

Take Your Time when You Collect your 4×4 Rental.

Take advantage of the introduction time when you collect your 4×4. Check that you know the difference between High Ratio, Low Ratio and also when to use the diff lock.

It is advised that you let some of the air out when traveling on rough roads. Find out how to do this and when to re-inflate them.

Driving a 4×4 Land Cruiser with rooftop tent in Kenya

Driving in Kenya does offer either more or less challenging driving but with a bit of practice you will familiarize.

Check out the level of the water depths before driving through submerged roads. Check the animals in the area too before you make any crossing.

Best time to Visit Kenya.

The best time to visit Kenya is between July-October, and December-March.The Masai Mara, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru, Samburu, Tsavo East & West are the best National Parks for game watching.

What to Wear in Kenya?

It is essential to dress casual for hot weather and carry a light waterproof jacket, walking boots, short sleeve and long sleeve shirts. It is important that you take a sun hat & glasses.

The 4×4 Land Cruisers with either 2 or 1 rooftop tent, seats up to 4-5 people as well as sleeps 2-4 persons in tents that are perched on the roof.

Find the best rates for 4WD Land Cruiser Car Rental with A Rooftop tent in Kenya?

It’s easy to get a quote to find out all the rental costs before you book. Generate an exact quote online through our reservations our booking engine or give us a call to find out more.