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camping safari in east Africa

Camping safari in Uganda

camping means staying in the bush overnight away from the campsite or hotels, camping safari is one of the cheapest tour packages across the world in the tourism sector. It offers a lifetime adventure
You have to know some information:
The Year modal of the car, km of the car and condition of the tires, and the date of the last mechanical check,

Explore the Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda charms with a carrental 4×4 on a camping Safari with a rooftop tent. Enjoy an adventurous dune drive, game drives, and primates adventure. Savor a gourmet BBQ dinner and cultural entertainment in a picturesque Bedouin camp, creating unforgettable memories in the heart of the africa .
car fuel tank capacity If the car has a water tank,
manual or automatic transmission,
low gear end differential lock??
If the company provides the
Ona extra ground tent for the eventual guide
Air compressor and pressure check pencil
spare tires
Jerry for fuel
Jerry for water
Recovery kit
Puncture kit
Uhf radio
Electric fridge
Chemical or camp toilet
Shower bag
Tools kit
the camping gear
Mattress, bedding kit linen kit end sleeping bag
The drop off and pickup terms

car rental 4×4  specializes in providing safari car hire and car rental services in Uganda Kenya rwanda Tanzania. Their fleet of high-end 4×4 landcruisers and expert driver/ chauffeurs ensure a luxurious and stylish mode of transportation for various occasions. Whether it’s for business, holiday, or leisure, their services bring an element of sophistication to your travel experience in Africa

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