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Is it possible and Safe to Self-drive Serengeti National Park Tanzania with a 4×4?

Is it possible to self-drive Serengeti National Park Tanzania with a 4×4? Exactly Yes, it is possible and safe to explore the Serengeti National Park Tanzania on self-drive tour. Serengeti National Park is Tanzania’s superb safari park, famous for the word’s enormous wildebeest migration experience.

Serengeti National Park can be best explored on a comfortable 4×4 Land Cruiser rental car. This can let you navigate through this extensive conservancy area known for its breathtaking landscape.

The Serengeti National Park connects with Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) eco-system, the Masai Mara in Kenya, and many small game reserves.

How to get to Serengeti National Park?

Serengeti National Park can be accessed by Air, but most preferred by road, that is by 4×4 from Arusha. From Arusha, it takes about 7-10 hours to drive to Serengeti’s numerous gates through which, all travelers from various directions can easily locate. The distance between these gates takes on different time schedules including:

90 minutes drive to Serengeti from Loduare gate (Ngorongoro Conservation Area entrance) to Ngorongoro Crater entrance.

2:30 hours drive From Ngorongoro Crater entrance to Naabi Hill gate/Serengeti entrance.

2 hours From Naabi Hill gate to Seronera

60 minutes from Seronera to Lobo to the North.

The park can be reached from its southern plains which comprise of Ndutu and Seronera. The western corridor and Lobo are amazing to explore although they are far. The perfect way to explore the least visited part of Serengeti is by embarking on a self-drive safari or guided tour using any of our rental cars.

How much is the entry fee to Serengeti National Park?

Just like other Tanzania Safari Parks, Serengeti National Park is owned and managed by TANAPA, yet Lake Natron, Selous Game Reserve, and Ngorongoro Conservation Area are run by different organizations.

The entrance fee to Serengeti National Park is US Dollars 70.80 per person valid for 24 hours and includes VAT of 18%, while the 4×4 car entry fee is $20/day. This also applies to travelers on a Tanzania safari and are on transit via the Ngorongoro Conservation Area or when returning to Arusha.

Hiring a park ranger in Serengeti for a guided wildlife spotting costs $23.60, which can be arranged at the gate. Whereas it is not possible to hire a guide for a guided walk like it is in Tarangire, Lake Manyara National Park, and Ngorongoro Crater.

But we make it possible by providing a trusted ground-tour agency you can deal with for all your Tanzania safaris.

Note that, there is possibility of you paying twice for the Ngorongoro Conservation Area fee on your way to Serengeti and when returning to Arusha. But you minimize this cost by exiting Serengeti National Park through Klein’s gate in the Northeastern side of the park towards Lake Natron, which is 7 to 8 hours’ drive.

How do I get the park permits for my self-drive safaris in Tanzania?

Most Tanzania National Parks’ Permits are issued by TANAPA, whose payments are made at the entrance gate using credit card (Visa/Mastercard), but does not require pre- booking and neither is cash accepted or debit cards.

While for Ngorongoro Conservation Area, you will secure an entrance quote first prior accessing the gate to pay for the park entrance fee.

When should I self-drive Serengeti to witness the annual wildebeest migration?

The wildebeest migration is an all-year-round ultimate wildlife experience, that can’t be missed on a self-drive or driver guided tour in Serengeti National Park.

Most wildebeest and zebras gather in the Ndutu area (southeast) to calf and foal from December to May. While From May to July, Serengeti is perfect to visit for game viewing as wildebeest migration starts towards the north.

July to September, wildebeest can be witnessed crossing the Mara River just near the Kenyan border with Tanzania and from September to October, wildebeests migrate to the southern side, after which they return to Serengeti National Park as they head towards the Lobo region.

Can I personally book a campsite on a self-drive in the Serengeti National Park?

A lone visitor can’t easily book a special campsite on their own, since special campsites within Serengeti are mostly booked by private tour companies who bid on them for a specific season for a given period of time. Literally, the least interesting special campsites aren’t taken by tour companies and they are the ones available for reservation by individual visitors. To book a special campsite, you will be required to spend a day in Arusha prior to the actual date of your tour and visit TANAPA and Ngorongoro Conservation Area offices in Arusha within the working days from Monday to Friday

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