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The best kenya safari to Tsavo and Amboseli national park will start from Nairobi city, the best of Kenya with a lot of art of safari travel, Kenya has got a lot of holiday places to offer to everyone due to the top safari destinations. all groups can decide to select the best safari in 4 days to Tsavo and Amboseli. The safari package offers the wilderness experience and some peace. The safari package can be for both Budget and luxury depending on your request.A 4-day safari in kenya will give you a glimpse of what a country has to offer to the tourists who visit kenya on a short safari


best kenya safari on 4days

Day1:  Pick up and Transfer to Tsavo West
Day2: Transfer to Amboseli
Day3: Transfer to Tsavo east
Day4: Transfer to the airport

Day 1 of the best safari in kenya.  Transfer to Tsavo West

After the morning breakfast, the driver will pick you up from the hotel and transfer you to the Tsavo west national park. you will enjoy the morning game drive. during your game driver, you will expect to see a variety of wildlife species like Elephant Kobs Monkey, the different trees in red color, and birds
you will return to the hotel for lunch and refreshments enjoy the leopard cocktail bar and Rhion view pool at Nguli lodge. in the afternoon you will return to the park for the Rhino sanctuary. keep on seeing different animals like giraffes, kobs, and nature, and later head to the rhino sanctuary.
in the evening when you return to the lodge you will have a chance to see the leopard climbing the tree every evening as they come for dinner also because the lodge provides them a meet in the tree so that the visitors can enjoy the view

Day2. Transfer to Amboseli national park

You will return to the park for the morning game drive again to continue enjoying different animals and nature nests watch the giraffe, and zebra elephants crossing the road and the red elephants can be only found in Tsavo. you will enjoy the different sounds of birds in the morning And Buffalos. before leaving you will visit the Shetani lava flow which was formed as a result of volcanic eruption, people believe it was the work of satan and that’s where the name originated.
After the game drive, you will have your packed lunch and in the afternoon you will pay a visit to Mzima Springs, Watch the crocodile at Mzima Springs, and take pictures as many as you can. from the Mzima spring, we will drive direct to Amboseli national park in the afternoon time. check-in to the lodge suggested by AA Amboseli lodge. The best for this lodge is the view of mt Kilimanjaro
you will leave the lodge and transfer to the park for an evening game drive, Amboseli national park is one of the parks in Kenya with hard of Elephants and so many other animals not forgetting of more than 600bird species in the park. you cant leave the Amboseli without seeing the lions cheetah buffalo  and wildebeest Hippos, Rhino, wild dogs and so many others

Day 3. Transfer to Tsavo east

After the break, you will transfer to the park for the morning game drive with your parked Lunch, and enjoy another beautiful herd of elephants in Amboseli national park in the shadow of Mt Kilimanjaro. During the game drive, you need to be patient with the elephants crossing the road at all times. Most of the animals and birds can be easily seen in the morning as they try to look for new pasture and fresh food in the morning
In the afternoon you will visit the Masai village, and you will be welcomed by the Masai people with great happiness singing their local songs as part of the entertainment. the Masai guide will narrate the story about the Masai way of leaving as you get entertained and take pictures with them. you will not leave the Masai Mara village without learning how to make fire using wood.
From Amboseli Masai village you will transfer to Tsavo East, and you will use the many ani gate to enter the park. you will enjoy the afternoon game drive. After the afternoon game drive you will return to the hotel for a night

Day4: Transfer to airport for departure

Morning safari, you will have your breakfast at the lodge, and the driver will pick you up from the lodge for the morning game drive in Tsavo East. later return to the lodge for refreshments and transfer to the airport fo to catch up on the flight. this makes the end of 4days of Africa big5 and best kenya safari on 4days

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4days Tsavo and Amboseli national park best best Kenya safari


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