chimpanzee tacking and Chimpanzee Habituation

Chimpanzee habituation in Uganda, One of the most important attractions in Kibale Forest National Park is chimp trekking. Its the main highlight for travel to Kibale, The national park is home to approximately 1,500 chimps, and chimp trekking begins early in the morning with a briefing at park headquarters the Kanyachu visitor’s centre mostly on rules and regulations to be followed during trekking.

And after the briefing, individuals will be assigned a park ranger who’s Fully informed and protected about chimps and other animals in the park, therefore you will begin trekking in the forest which takes between four hours and 30 minutes based upon where the chimps are sited. Other animals seen during trekking include black and white colobus monkeys, grey-cheeked mangabeys, and honest monkeys, as well as various tree species, plants, and bird species.

And once chimps are located, visitors will be permitted to spend one hour interacting with them in their natural habitat, in which you’ll be able to observe them feeding, breastfeeding, playing, hunting, mating, fighting, resting, learning about their habits and behaviours, taking photos and recording the spectacular scenes to show those at home after the safari. In short chimpanzee trekking will take about 3-4 hours with brief information about the chimps and other animals in the park.

chimpanzee habituation

The Chimpanzee habituation experience is indeed an exciting activity in Kibale National Park in which chimps are prepared to become accustomed to human contact in preparation for trekking. Chimpanzee habituation takes a period of two years to prepare the group for habituation and, like chimp trekking, begins shortly after sunrise with a briefing at the visitor centre, upon which you will join a team of researchers, trackers, and park guides/ranger and enter the woods in quest of chimps in the habituation process. The chimps are to be habituated the go through the training so that when they come in contact with the travellers, they feel comfortable with them unlike in Trekking where you have to just look at the on movement

Locating the chimpanzee

Once the chimpanzees are located, visitors will have the privilege of spending 4 hours interacting with them in their natural environment, giving you the chance to learn about their habits, lifestyle, and behaviours, as well as recognize them by their birthmarks and distinguishing features The Guide will give you the full information about the chimpanzee and the process may take a full day depending on your information you want to acquire from the ranger or guide.

You will also get the chance to observe the chimpanzees as they leave their nests, feed, nurse, hunt, mate, rest, play, and construct their nighttime nests, providing you with intriguing and memorable experiences during your safari in the park. The permit for chimpanzee trekking is different from the permit for Chimpanzee habituationAfter allocating the chimpanzee during the trekking you will be allowed to be with them for one hour. during habituation after allocating the chimpanzee you may spend the whole day with chimps

The chimpanzee habituation in uganda is only accessible in Kibale national park. Other places you can trek the primates are in Queen Elizabeth IN Kyambura gorge.In Kibale, you will go with 100% sure of allocating the chimps but in other places it’s 50%. the permit for chimpanzee tracking by 2022/2023 is $200usd for non-east African travellers and $150 for foreign resident chimpanzee habituation is $250usd for foreigners and 50usd for east African residents