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Car with Rooftop tent Rwanda, 4WD/4×4 Car(Land Cruiser) With rooftop Tent Rwanda-Camping

4x4Car with Rooftop tents Rwanda: 4WD/4×4 Car (Land cruiser) with rooftop tent is an ideal way to travel around Rwanda on a self drive camping safari. With a roof top tent on a car/land cruiser you can explore the highlands in Rwanda. Roof top tents have also steadily become a more and more popular option for accommodation while traveling around Rwanda.

At Car rental 4×4, we offer a selection of comfortable, reliable and top-quality rooftop tent 4WD/4×4 Cars(Land Cruisers). Sleep in the best rooftop tent featured on our most popular Land cruiser models, including the Land Cruiser Gx, Land Cruiser LX, Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Toyota Hilux etc.

These models offer the power for you to travel on Rwanda’s  beautiful highland , except for Camping SUVs such as safari vans, Toyota Rav4s, Coaster bus rentals, and see the country’s magnificent natural beauty

Why Rent a 4×4/4WD car(Land Cruiser) with a rooftop tent in Rwanda for a camping safari?

Rooftop tent hire have also progressively become a more and more popular option for accommodation while traveling around Rwanda. Staying in hotels in Rwanda is quite more boring. Whereas more and more people have realized the benefits of having their accommodation with them at all times with a rooftop tent.

With no check-in or check-out times in a hotel, a roof top tent is the most perfect option to have when you want to get to your ideal destination and without having to worry about getting to your lodging in time, just find the nearest camping area and pop open your roof top tent and in less than a minute you are ready slumber under the wide open sky in Rwanda.

How many pax does the rooftop tents accommodate?

Our 4×4/4WD cars (Land cruisers) rentals seats up to 5, but fit for 4, while the rooftop tents Sleeps up to four adults for two double rooftop tents, with each accommodating 2 pax. However, car rental 4×4 also offers ground tents to groups with more than 4 people-Perfect for friends & Family travel.

Be luxurious and hire the roof tent  4×4/4WD Car (Land Cruiser) between two to 4, keeping the inside van free as a living area.

Each ventilated, rooftop  tent accommodates two adults and comes with a comfortable mattress. It’s firmly fixed to the roof rack and we provide a ladder for access.

The 4×4/4WD Car (Land Cruiser) is able to transport up to 5 passengers giving great versatility for your Rwanda road trip.

Car with Rooftop Tent in Rwanda


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