Car Rental (4×4 Land Cruiser) With Rooftop Tent Tanzania

Car Rental With Rooftop Tent Tanzania: Car Rental 4×4 Africa offers fully equipped 4×4 Land Cruisers, Toyota Hilux with single(one) rooftop tent for 2 pax or double (two) rooftop tents for 3 or 4 pax in Tanzania and camping gear like full kitchen set, sleeping bags, camp chairs, camp table, gas, water tank, cooking pots.

We provide top rated and well established 4×4 Land Cruiser with rooftop tent campers in Uganda at affordable rates for 2 to 4 people, including: Land Cruiser GX with 1 or 2 rooftop tent, Land cruiser V8 with 1 rooftop tent, Land cruiser LX 1 or 2 rooftop tents, and Land cruiser Cruiser 78 series.

Rooftop tents Tanzania

Create your own self-drive safari in a 4×4 Car Rental With Rooftop Tent in Tanzania. Each rooftop tent has a comfortable built-in foam mattresses attached on a flat surface for 2 people, with windows for proper ventilation, and fly sheets to prevent the tent from rain.

Explore Tanzania in a 4×4 rooftop tent Car/Land cruiser. A roof tent is a perfect way to travel around the Tanzanian landscapes & roads. Camp all around Tanzania on a rooftop tent.

We at Car Rental 4×4 are proud to have Rooftop Tent vehicles in our fleet, and are allowed on all road types so you can enjoy the untouched nature in Tanzania. Our Roof Tents are all on 4×4 Land Cruisers giving our customers the freedom to explore all of what Tanzania has to offer.

Toyota Land Cruiser 78 Series W/rooftop tent

78 series Toyota Land cruiser

Land cruiser 78 series with 1 or 2 rooftop tents. We hire it with single, family or rooftop tents for a group of 2 to 4 passengers with camping gear at the trunk. Hire this 78 series Land cruiser with rooftop tent in Tanzania for an ultimate camping experience. The Land Cruiser 78 series, for cross border camping safaris from Tanzania to Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda on a round trip or on one way car hire from Tanzania

Toyota Land Cruiser V8 With Rooftop Tent

car rental services with camping gears

Hire Land Cruiser V8 with single rooftop tent for two(2) passengers for camping safaris not only in Tanzania Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, & Rwanda. The Land cruiser V8, is the perfect fleet for roadtrips in East Africa on either one way car hire in East Africa, or roundtrips with a must have COMESA documents (only organized by the company). Its automatic with petrol engine, air con, and can carry upto 5 pax with pop up (Open) roof.

Toyota Land Cruiser LX With 1 or 2 Rooftop Tents

LX Land cruiser with rooftop tent

Land Cruiser LX With Rooftop Tent plus camping gear is just the right choice to handle all Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi ultimate camping safari. Hire this manual Land Cruiser with diesel engine, plus an air con for your long term car hire in Tanzania, one way car hire Tanzania or beyond its borders.

Hilux Land Cruiser With 1 or 2 rooftop tents

Land Hilux With Rooftop Tent

Get a Land Cruiser Hilux With Rooftop Tent plus camping gear for East African terrain for camping safari experiences. Hire this manual Land Cruiser with diesel engine, plus an air con for your long term car hire in Tanzania, one way car hire in Tanzania or crossover to Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Burundi

Why rent a car with a Rooftop Tent in Tanzania from a Car rental 4×4 Africa?

There are so many benefits to renting a roof tent 4×4 vehicle. All our camping cars are 4WD vehicles that can be driven on all road types. So it can be driven to places like Serengeti National Park, Mwanza, Moshi, Dodoma, Kilimanjaro, Tarangire, Lake Manyara National Park and Ngorongoro Conservation Area among others and camp there at the camping locations in Tanzania.

It is extra easy to set up the Roof Tents, it only takes 30 seconds to put it up and a similar time to fold it down. With our rooftop tent rental cars, you can drive at all destinations and camp at all locations that are all around Tanzania

The rooftop tents have more Luggage Space as the mattress, stairs, pillows and sleeping bags are stored inside the roof tent.

Our rooftop tents are waterproof: Our tents are all made from high-quality fabric, strong enough to handle the Tanzanian weather so you do not have to worry about leaks.

What is included with our camping Roof Tent vehicles?

Our fully equipped rooftop tents come with mattresses, sleeping bags, an electric fridge(at an additional pay), a cooler box, a storage box, kitchen utensils, a camping table, camping chairs, gas cans, and cutlery, all included in the price, making it comfortable for camping enthusiasts.

We also offer many extras if you want to have the whole camping experience like a GPS navigator & bedsheets, child seats, and towels upon request.

What camping cars do we have at Car Rental 4×4?

The 4×4 campers we have to offer : Toyota Land Cruiser Gx: This Manual transmission, 4-door vehicle suits 5 passengers and fits 4 suitcases.

Land Cruiser LX: This Manual transmission, 3-door vehicle suits four passengers and fits three suitcases. (Older model)

Toyota Land Cruiser v8: This Automatic transmission-door-door, -door vehicle suits four passengers and fits three suitcases.

4x4Land Cruiser TX/TZ: A tough, reliable SUV with an Automatic transmission, fitting up to five passengers. Toyota Hilux with a rooftop tent: A tough, reliable SUV with a manual transmission, fitting up to five passengers. (Brand new vehicles)

Toyota Rav4 3 or 5 doors without rooftop tent: An automatic transmission SUV for 2 or 5 passengers and a few pieces of luggage.

Nissan Patrol with rooftop tent: Manual Transmission SUV for 5 passengers, fitting for 4 and enough luggage space. It comes with Bluetooth compatibility, cruise control, and AUX and USB outlets.

Safari van without Rooftop tent: Automatic Transmission SUV for 7 persons. Bluetooth, USB, cruise control and AUX outlets. Safari Extended Land Cruiser without rooftop tent: An automatic transmission vehicle for up to 7 passengers.