Car With Pop-up (Open) Roof In Uganda

4×4 Car Hire Uganda With Pop Up Roof: Rent a car, Land cruiser or Minivan with a pop up (open) roof in Uganda to experience an utmost wildlife game viewing. Enjoy thrilling game viewing drives in our 4WD Pop up roof safari Land cruisers, safari minivan with pop up roof, Land cruiser hardtop with pop up roof, Land cruiser LX with pop up roof, Land cruiser Extended (with a driver ) with pop up roof and V8 Land cruiser .

Land Cruiser with Pop up Roof in Uganda

Car rental 4×4 Africa prides in hiring out a wide selection of reliable & comfortable 4×4 Pop up roof rental Land cruisers that can access all road types, giving our customers the freedom to explore all what Uganda Savannah National Parks like Murchison Falls, Kidepo Valley, Queen Elizabeth , Lake Mburo national Parks.among others has to offer.

Get off the beaten tracks with 4WD’s with pop up roofs! Explore Uganda National Parks in a 4×4 pop up roof rental car.

Why rent a 4×4 pop up roof Car Rental in Uganda?

The vehicle height ensures better wildlife viewing. Our vehicles features a pop up roof for tourists to stand up and view directly while taking uninterruptible photos.

Car rental Tanzania extended safari Land cruiser

It also has clear viewing windows inbuilt MP3/CD player with a cargo space for the traveler’s bag. It also has an air conditioner with a battery recharging facility for phones and camera.

All our self drive cars with pop up roof are allowed on all terrains. So it can be driven to places like Kidepo National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Murchison Falls National Park.

More interior space allows for luggage, camera equipment comfortable travel. This is a great and most comfortable choice if you are planning to travel around Uganda. The chairs are rightly fitted with fixed seat belts and the tourists comfortably stretch their legs, the land cruiser’s exterior features eye catching colors which suite the eco system.

A well equipped 4×4 rental car with a pop up roof, is essential when visiting Uganda’s Savannah National parks.

All our 4×4 vehicles with pop up roof, are equipped with essential gear such as spare tyres, high lift jacks and strong batteries which allow for safer travel.

We hire out sturdy/strong 4×4 rental cars with pop up roofs to our customers so as to access all destinations, including remote or hard to reach places.

The 4×4 land cruisers with pop up roof on offer, have long range fuel tanks that’s capable for greater distances without fuel stops. 4×4 Land cruisers are is highly recommended for travel to Uganda due to the terrain nature when travelling.