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Procedures on traveling with a Dog or cat on road trip in East Africa

Their tourists who prefer to travel with their dogs or cats and if you planning to travel on your next road safari with one here are some advice. It is important to know that there are unexpected expenses to incur when planning to travel with one of your animals during your safari and when hiring a car you will incur some extra costs for such safari for a good memorable time in Africa, some car rentals in East Africa Companies are pet-friendly and at times they don’t charge extra cost when hiring a car with the company for self-drive

Such kind of animals to be carried during a road trip safari on self-drive, the company you’re hiring the car from should have a provision of a cage for a dog or a cat and that’s the major term and condition for the company to allow you to use their car to catty pets Basically, the most important policy for a smooth Car rental deal is to drop off the vehicle in the same condition as it was when you picked it up. Therefore if you are travelling along with your pet, just make sure that you return the vehicle clean and without any new damages. Additionally, it is important to first thoroughly check the car for any damages and even take photos before finally taking it to avoid taking the blame for damages you didn’t cause. Ensure that the pets are crated and also return the Car in the same condition you took it, free of pet hair or poop to avoid paying extra fees (cleaning and detailing).

Preparation and more preparation are required when renting a car for a road trip with your pet because most Companies don’t provide any dog equipment hence it is okay to bring kits to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable.

check with the company if they allow animals like dogs or cuts.

The majority of the Car Rental Companies or Agencies in Uganda allow pets in their cars, hence first check and clearly state it to the Company before you finally travel. This also helps to avoid any unpleasant surprises when you finally go to the Company to pick up the Car.

Thoroughly read through the Company’s Rental Car Terms and Conditions or better still the FAQs section on their website for any relevant information.

The extra costs incurred when I want to rent a car with my pet

The good news for pet lovers is that most Car Rental Companies in Uganda don’t actually charge extra fees for taking along your Pet because you will be in charge of cleaning the car and making sure it is free from any hairs, smell, poop, and muddy paw prints. However, you might be charged just a small cleaning fee. This also applies to damages, where you will only be charged in case of damages caused by the pet.
some the tips you should follow when your travel with your pet on a self-drive

The following are the important tips for travelling with pets on self-drive in east Africa

the size and the type of the car is to be considered

The right size of car largely depends on the size of a pet because you will not squeeze your beloved companion in a small car trunk/or boot. We offer a wide range of cars ranging from the Toyota Rav4 for small groups and tiny pets to the large Coaster buses for group travellers with a lot of luggage.

Drive with much care on the road

It is a known fact that safe driving is important during a road trip but keeping the dog in a comfortable place, especially at the back of the car reduces distraction and any chances of accidents.
Always remember not to leave the pet in the car

How would you feel being left in a car on a hot day? So horrible and therefore it is risky to leave your beloved companion unattended to in a car, worse of all during a hot day.

Always cover the seat car with a recommended blanket

A blanket will protect the car seats or boots from any pet hairs, muddy claws and poop hence saving extra money on cleaning fees.

Should have enough time to travel since it requires regular breaking

It is always important to plan and schedule en-route breaks for the driver and pets, to enjoy meals and answer calls of nature.

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